Layout 16

Email layouts template 16 example
Template 16

Template Specs

Colors - Optional if specific colors are desired
  • Background Color in hexadecimal format (#000000) for exact match.
  • Button Color
  • Text Colors

  • Fonts will be web safe fonts in order to ensure consistent delivery on multiple email clients.

Logo Image
  • PNG with transparent background preferred.
  • JPG, GIF, PDF, AI, PSD or EPS are also accepted. Background color of image should match color of email background.
  • Logo URL

Social URLs
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Youtube, Google+, Pintrest, Email, Snapchat, Spotify, Other (Custom).

Image 1 (multiple slices)
  • 600px width or larger
  • URLs for each image slice.

Image [A]
  • 180px width or larger
  • URL optional if the image should link.

Headline Text [A]
Body Text [A]
Call to Action Text [A] (button)
  • URL for CTA [A]

Repeat above for Images [B] [C]
Text D]